How to Choose an MLM Company


Podcast Notes: Welcome to thatmlmguy podcast number 3! This podcast is for anyone who is considering MLM—if you aren’t sure about joining, or if you don’t know what company you ought to join. I’ll talk about all that and more… Continue Reading


Interview with Alan Masters: $300,000+ a Year in MLM


You will not want to miss this extraordinary interview with Alan Masters! Transcript currently unavailable (audio only). Many thanks to Alan for allowing me the time to conduct this interview. If you’d like to learn more about Alan’s nonprofit visit… Continue Reading


3 Things You Need to Know About MLM


Podcast Notes, Full Transcript Currently Unavailable Welcome to the very first thatmlmguy podcast. My name’s Cody Ray Miller and I am thatMLMguy! Today I’ll be talking about 3 things that everyone needs to know about MLM. I’ll share my story… Continue Reading